In case of an emergency, dial 000


Consultations are by appointment except in an emergency, or when there is time to “fit someone in”. We try to run close to time, and will make every endeavour to see you in a timely manner. Our standard consultation time is for 10 minutes. If you need longer consultation please advise reception during booking or book online as a longer consult.

We have installed an online appointment system for those who feel the need for it. However, few appointments are made available for this system, so please ring the clinic if you are having trouble with finding a suitable online bookings.

We do Telehealth / Telephone Consultation for our regular patient who had a face to face consult in the last 12 months.

Appointments can be made by calling our practice on (02) 9528 0711. Appointments will take priority over patient walk-inns. Your patience and cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Emergency cases will always take priority. If you require a longer consultation, please inform the receptionist when making an appointment.