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About 1 in 10 australians suffer with asthma. It is a common condition that can have significant impact on your quality of life and future health. It is therefore important to diagnose and treat.

The clinic offers a comprehensive assessment of your asthma and allergy. This involves confirming your diagnosis if necessary with a breathing test called spirometry. The severity of your asthma and how well it is controlled will be reviewed. Your current treatment regime will also be studied and revised if appropriate. The specialists have access to new treatments for severe asthma including research trials. The clinic also has an allergy service to investigate whether allergy is a contributing factor to your asthma. But first let us explain a little bit about your asthma.
Our doctors can provide information, education and treatment for patients who suffer from asthma to help increase the patient’s quality of life.

To find out more about our Asthma Management services in Kareela Village Medical Centre, please call on (02) 9528 0711.